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Ursula and Warren Kirkendale

Ursula Kirkendale received her Ph. D. in historical musicology in Bonn and taught at four important American universities, until, in 1971, after only one semester at Columbia University, a speech impairment (ictus) terminated her teaching, but not her research, highly acclaimed internationally, on Caldara, Handel, and Bach. Her husband, Ph. D. Vienna, is professor emeritus ordinarius of music history, University of Regensburg, Accademico Filarmonico h. c. Bologna, Dr. h. c. and honorary professor of the University of Pavia. He has published books dealing inter al., with sixteenth-century art in Florence and Rome. The interdisciplinary work of both authors, residents of Rome, has centered on the «afterlife of Antiquity». - (agosto 2015) -

Ursula and Warren Kirkendale

Pocket Library of Studies in Art, vol. 41

2015, cm 15 x 21, iv-102 pp. con 7 ill. f.t. di cui 6 a colori. Rilegato (Hardcover).

ISBN: 9788822264084

€ 28,00 € 26,60
Ursula Kirkendale

Historiae Musicae Cultores, vol. 114

2007, cm 17 x 24, 554 pp. con es. mus. n.t. e 24 tavv. f.t. di cui 5 a colori. Rilegato (Hardcover).

ISBN: 9788822257147

€ 62,00 € 58,90
Warren and Ursula Kirkendale

Historiae Musicae Cultores, vol. 113

2007, cm 17 x 24, xii-646 pp. con es. mus. n.t. e 50 tavv. f.t. di cui 4 a colori. Rilegato (Hardcover).

ISBN: 9788822256591

€ 66,00 € 62,70