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Edward D.R. Wright

D. R. Edward Wright is Professor Emeritus of Art History at the University of South Florida in Tampa He was born in 1938 and raised near Boston Mass. He received a B. A. in English from Williams College in 1960, and a PhD in art history from Princeton, where he studied under Erwin Panofsky (1976). He did archival research in Florence, 1970-73, with fellowships from Villa I Tatti and C.R.I.A. He has published in the Warburg Courtauld journal and «The Burlington Magazine», as well as various collections of conference papers. He resides in Tampa and continues research on Renaissance garden iconography, Pratolino and Bomarzo demystified.

D.R. Edward Wright

Ingenium, vol. 13

2010, cm 17 x 24, viii-266 pp. con 6 tavv f.t. Testo italiano.

ISBN: 9788822259493

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