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Blake Wilson

Blake Wilson is Professor of Music at Dickinson College (Pennsylvania). He is a former fellow of Villa I Tatti, the Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies. His research concerns the musical cultures of late medieval and Renaissance Italy. He is the author of Music & Merchants: the Laudesi Companies of Republican Florence (Oxford, 1992), an edition of the Florence Laudario (A-R Editions, 1995), and articles in the New Grove Dictionary, Journal of Musicology, Early Music History, Recercare, and the Rivista Italiana di Musicologia. He is currently at work on an edition of Heinrich Isaac’s music for Florence, and a study of Florentine improvisatory singing traditions.

Blake Wilson

Italian Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Fontecolombo Institute, vol. 9

2009, cm 17 x 24, 294 pp. con es. mus. n.t. With CD-ROM.

ISBN: 9788822258106

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